an experiment in hypnosis

I wanted to see whether I could deliver a hypnotic induction through a computer. This is my attempt.

I don't know everything about hypnotism, but I know that I know enough to want to be very careful with it.

So this is the disclaimer.

Don't link to the next page anyone directly; in the unlikely event of wanting to link to it, link to this page so that other people get a chance to read these warnings too. If someone does start without reading this, then it's the fault of whoever sent them the link directly. And I'm not accepting any liability at all anyway; if what happens after you click that button has any adverse effect on you, including but not limited to epileptic fits, recovery of traumatic memories, doing your head in, or spontaneous human combustion, then that's your fault for not shutting your eyes before it was too late.

Being distracted in the middle of hypnotism is a dangerous thing - especially as I won't be there to bring you out of it nicely. Allow about 20 minutes for the process and do not start just after you've put some sausages under the grill or just before you're supposed to go out. Leave yourself plenty of time and space and quiet for yourself.

If you have read the warnings and are comfortable with the fact that I'm not accepting any responsability for what may happen to you, then click here to begin.